Functional Nanomaterials for Regenerative Tissue Medicines

Functional Nanomaterials for Regenerative Tissue Medicines

Rajan, Mariappan

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Nanomaterials into Biological System Interactions: State of the Art 2. Nanoengineered Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration: Properties Overview 3. Patterning Nanomaterials for the Delivery of Growth Factors for Tissue Repair/Regeneration 4. Natural and Synthetic Tissue Regenerative Materials 5. Peptide-Based Functional Nanomaterials for Soft-Tissue Repair 6. Scaffold Nanomaterial for Cardiac Tissue Regeneration 7. Nanomaterial for Kidney Disease Management 8. Materials for Liver Regeneration, Liver-Cell Targeting, and Normal Liver Tissue Care 9. Hydroxyapatite-Based Nanomaterials for Bone Tissue Regeneration 10. Polymeric Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Repair and Regeneration 11. Nanotherapeutics for Enhancing Burn Wound Healing 12. Nanomedicinal Materials for Diabetic Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration 13. Novel Biologicals and Technological Platforms for Dental Clinical Use 14. Surgical Nanomaterials for Spinal Deformities: Design of Materials and Their Investigations 15. Future Directions of Nanomaterials in Artificial Organ Transplantation
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