Engineering and Innovative Materials X

Engineering and Innovative Materials X

Ohashi, Takahiro; Alexandrov, Sergei; Yahaya, Muhammad

Trans Tech Publications Ltd






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Chapter 1: Metals Properties and Processing Technologies
Hot Forging of Gravity Casted Al-Mg Alloy
Structures and Mechanical Properties of Pure Titanium by Different Boriding and Nitriding Conditions
Effect of Casting Condition on Ripple Mark and Surface Crack of Roll-Cast Al-Mg Alloy
Surface Tension and Kinematic Viscosity of Multicomponent FeCuNbSiB Melt
Twin-Roll Casting of Al-4.8%Mg Alloy with Added Fe
Structures and Mechanical Properties of Pure Titanium by Different Nitriding Temperatures
Effect of Die Edge Roundness on Crack Initiation near Punch Edge in Blanking
Chapter 2: Properties and Processing Technologies of Composite Materials
Optimizing the Process Parameters of Hydro-Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Parts Using Fiber Metal Laminates
Effect of Friction Stir Forming Parameters and Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Aluminium Alloy
Influence of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Performance of Degradable Mg Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hollow Glass Microsphere
Comparative Study of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Kenaf Fiber and Different Types of Microparticles
Study on Composite Material Failure of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes under External Pressure
Chapter 3: Semiconductors
Near Unity Absorbance and Photovoltaic Properties of TMDC/Gold Heterojunction for Solar Cell Application
Chapter 4: Biotechnologies
Dual Frequency Ultrasound-Assisted Esterification of Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Oil with Zeolite Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst
Waste to Product: Feasibility of Egyptian Peanut Shell Transformation into a Useful Product
Chapter 5: Building Materials
Combined Use of Phosphoric Acid Modified Steel Slag and Protein Material for Retarding of ?-Semi-Hydrous Gypsum
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Alloy;Blanking;Boriding;Casting;Composite;Esterification;Fiber Metal Laminate;Forming;Gypsum;Heat Treatment;Mechanical Properties;Nitriding;Steel Slag