International Symposium on Advanced Material Research V

International Symposium on Advanced Material Research V

Kim, Dong Keon

Trans Tech Publications Ltd






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Chapter 1: Polymers and Composites
Preparation and Properties of VPCS/PMPS Composites
Synthesis and Properties of One-Component Addition-Crosslinking Silicone Resin
Effect of PC Percentages on Hardness and Notched Impact Strength of PBT/PC Blends
Chapter 2: Materials Processing
Applying FCCCD Response Surface Method in Studying the Cutting Power of Wood Materials
Chapter 3: Corrosion Inhibition
Inhibition Effect of Aminophen Fluid Derivative on the Corrosion of 1070 Aluminum
Gravimetric and Statistical Analysis of Combined Protection Performance of Lavandula latifolia and Ricinus communis on Low Carbon Steel
Gravimetric and Statistical Data Analysis of the Protection Performance of Aloe vulgaris and Nicotiana tabacum Leaf Extracts on 1070 Aluminum and Mild Steel
Chapter 4: Materials and Technologies in Construction
Flexural Behavior (Load-Strain Curve) of Reinforced Concrete Beams Covered by Gypsum Layers and Exposed to Elevated Temperatures
Predicting Effective Parameters in Cyclic Behavior of Reinforced Masonry Walls with Shotcrete Using Artificial Neural Networks
A Review on Mechanical Properties of Deformation Mechanism of Tubular Nanostructures: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Methods of Modeling Contact between Concrete and Fiber Concrete
Stiffness Modulus of Aged Asphalt Mixtures
Carbonation Depth and Chloride Ion Penetration Properties of Rubberised Concrete Incorporated Ground Blast Furnace Slag
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Alloy;Blast Furnace Slag;Bronze;Composite;Concrete;Corrosion;Cutting;Inhibitor;Mechanical Properties;Nanomechanics;Nanotube;Polymer;Reinforced Concrete Beam;Sintering;Smelting;Steel