Encyclopedia of Big Data

Encyclopedia of Big Data

McNeely, Connie L.; Schintler, Laurie A.

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Advertising Targeting.- Algorithm.- Algorithmic Accountability.- American Bar Association.- American Civil Liberties Union.- American Library Association.- Animals.- Anonymity.- Anonymization techniques.- Anthropology.- Apple.- Archaeology.- Arts.- Asian Americans Advancing Justice.- Association vs. Causation.- Astronomy.- Automated Modeling/Decision Making.- Behavioral Analytics.- Belgium.- Big Data Business Model Maturity Index.- Big Data Storytelling, Digital Storytelling.- Big Humanities Project.- Big Variety Data.- Bioinformatics.- Biomedical Data.- Biometrics.- Biosurveillance.- Blogs.- Brand Monitoring.- Business-to-Business (B2B).- Business-to-Community (B2C).- Cancer.- Cell Phone Data.- Center for National Security Studies.- Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU).- Clickstream Analytics.- Cloud Services.- Common Sense Media.- Communications.- Complex Networks.- Computational Social Sciences.- Computer Science.- Content Management System (CMS).- Content Moderation.- Correlationvs. Causation.- Criminology and Law Enforcement.- Crowdsourcing.- Cultural Analytics.- Curriculum, Higher Education, Humanities.- Curriculum, Higher Education, Social sciences.- Cyber Espionage.- Cyber Threats/Attacks.- Cybersecurity.- Data Integration.- Data Mining.- Data Model, Data Modeling.- Data Monetization.- Data Provenance.- Data Repository.- Data Science.- Data Scientist.- Data Visualization.- Data-Driven Marketing.- Data-Information-Knowledge-Action Model.- Decision Theory.- Decision Tree.- Demographic Data.- Digital Advertising Alliance.- Digital Divide.- Digital Knowledge Network Divide.- Digital Libraries.- Digital Literacy.- Digitization.- Discovery Analytics.- Diversity.- Drones.- Drug Enforcement Administration.- e-commerce.- Economics.- Education.- Education and Training.- Electronic Health Records (EHR).- Energy.- Entertainment.- Environment.- Epidemeology.- European Commission.- European Commission: Directorate-General for Justice (Data Protection Division).- European Union.- European Union Data Protection Supervisor.- Evidence-Based Medicine.- Facebook.- Facial Recognition Technologies.- Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).- Financial Data and Trend Prediction.- Financial Services.- Fourth Amendment.- France.- Future of Privacy.- Gender and Sexuality.- Genealogy.- Geography.- Germany.- Google.- Google Analytics.- Google Flu.- Governance.- Health Care Delivery.- Health Informatics.- HIPAA.- Human Resources Management.- Humanities (Digital Humanities).- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.- Information Commissioner, United Kingdom.- Information Society.- Interactive Data Visualization.- International Development.- International Labor Organization.- International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGOs).- Internet.- Internet Association, The.- Internet of Things.- Italy.- Journalism.- Keystroke Capture.- Knowledge Management.- LexisNexis.- Link Prediction.- Link/Graph Mining.- LinkedIn.- Marketing/Advertising.- Mathematics.- Media.- Medicaid.- Metadata.- Military Operations, Counter-Intelligence.- Military Operations, Counter-Terrorism.- Mobile Analytics.- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.- National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency .- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.- National Organization for Women.- National Security Administration (NSA).- Netflix.- Netherlands.- Network Advertising Initiative.- Network Analytics.- Neural Networks.- Neuroscience.- NoSQL (Not Structured Query Language).- Nutrition.- Online Advertising.- Online Identity.- Ontologies.- Open Data.- Open Society Foundations.- Open-Source Software.- Organiztion of American States.- Participatory Health.- Patient Records.- Patient-Centered (Personalized) Health.- PatientsLikeMe.- Pharmaceutical Industry.- Physics.- Policy Analysis.- Political Science.- Pollution, Air.- Pollution, Land.- Pollution, Water.- Predictive Analytics.- Prevention.- Privacy.- Psychology.- Regression.- Religion.- Risk Analysis.- Robinson & Yu LLC.- R-Programming.- SalesForce.- Scientometrics.- Semantic Web.- Semantic/Content Analysis/Natural Language Process.- Semi-Structured Data.- Sentiment Analysis.- Smart Cities.- Social Media.- Social Network Analysis (SNA).- Social Sciences.- Sociology.- South Korea.- Spain.- Spatial Data.- Storage.- Supercomputing, Exascale Computing, High Performance Computing.- Supreme Court.- Tableau Software.- Telemedicine.- Text Analytics.- Transparency.- Treatment.- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).- Visualization.- Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI).- White House Big Data Initiative.- White House Brain Initiative.- Wikileaks.- Wikipedia.- Workforce.- World Bank.- Zappos.- Zillow.
Big Data;Data Science;Massive Data;Data Analysis;Database Management;Data Mining;Big Data Research and Development (R&D);Artificial Intelligence