Advances in Econometrics, Operational Research, Data Science and Actuarial Studies

Advances in Econometrics, Operational Research, Data Science and Actuarial Studies

Techniques and Theories

Terzioglu, M. Kenan

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1: The Cobb-Douglas production function for an exponential model.- Chapter 2: Threshold Unit Root Tests with Smooth Transitions.- Chapter 3: Jump connectedness in the European foreign exchange market.- Chapter 4:Modeling Currency Exchange Data with Asymmetric Copula Functions.- Chapter 5: The Joint Tests of the Parity Conditions: Evidence from a Small Open Economy.- Chapter 6: Stochastic volatility models with endogenous breaks in volatility forecasting.- Chapter 7: Effect in Quality Control Based of Hotelling T2 and CUSUM Control Chart Hakan EYGUE.- Chapter 8: A Robust Regression Method Based on Pearson Type VI Distribution.- Chapter 9: Discrete Volatilities of Listed Real Estate Funds.- Chapter 10: Have Commodity Markets Political Nature?.- Chapter 11: A Nonlinear Panel ARDL Analysis of Pollution Haven/ Halo Hypothesis.- Chapter 12: An Investigation of Asymmetries in Exchange Rate Pass-through to Domestic Prices.- Chapter 13: Investigation of the Country-Specific Factors for URAP.- Chapter 14: The Impact of Outsourcing and Innovation on Industry 4.0.- Chapter 15: Subjective Well-Being of Poor Households.

Artificial intelligence;Big data;Decision theory;Statistics;Data analysis;Optimization;Risk management;High-dimensional models;Practical applications;Advanced theoretical applications;Banking;Finance;Think-tanks;Nonlinear complex dynamic models;Linear complex dynamic models;Empirical economics;Forecasting;Time series econometrics