Empowering Women in STEM

Empowering Women in STEM

Working Together to Inspire the Future

Mathura, Sanya

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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SECTION I. Inspiring the Future, 1. Space for Women: Defining Career Lessons, 2. Be the Change You Want to See, 3. I #DERRtobedifferent, I Dare to Be Me, 4. Paving the Way Forward for Other Female Arab Engineers, 5. Fueling the Future of Women in Industry, 6. Building the Next Generation of STEM Heroes, SECTION II. Non-Traditional Paths, 7. STEM with Mr N: STEM Communication, Awards, and the Power of STEM Advocates, 8. Increasing UPTIME: The Journey from Banking to Engineering, 9. Unexpected Paths, Endless Possibilities: A Journey of Integration between Literature and STEM, 10. Maneuvering the Moving Sidewalk of Your Career, 11. Exploring Innovation, STEM, and Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Learning and Growth, 12. Safety Boots to Break Glass Ceilings (TM), 13. Intersectionality: How to Transform Headwinds to Tailwinds, 14. The Journey to Becoming the First Wellness Engineer, 15. Dr. Kenya's Nonlinear Journey: The Intersection of Science, Education, and Policy, SECTION III. Leading the Way, 16. Women Redefining Work-Life Balance in STEM: Integrating Parenthood into the Equation, 17. Female AND an Engineer? Exploring the Gender-Occupation Identity Dilemma in Engineering, 18. Allow Them to Answer the Call, 19. Through It All, the Why Was My Motivator, 20. A Woman in a Man's World or a Person in a Person's World?, 21. The Complex Reality: Unraveling the Underrepresentation of Women in STEM, 22. Why Is Empowering Women in STEM So Important?
Intersection of Science, Education, and Policy;Women in Engineering;Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math;Women in STEM;Complex Reality;Unexpected Paths