Electronic Phase Separation in Magnetic and Superconducting Materials

Electronic Phase Separation in Magnetic and Superconducting Materials

Recent Advances

L. Rakhmanov, Alexander; I. Kugel, Kliment; Yu. Kagan, Maxim; O. Sboychakov, Artem

Springer International Publishing AG





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Introduction. Spontaneously Formed Nanoscale Inhomogenieties in Different Materials.- Magnetic Polarons and Related Transport Phenomena.- Some Model Systems. Internal Structure of Magnetic Polarons.- Charge Ordering and Phase Separation.- Phase Separation in Strongly Correlated Systems with Two Electron Bands.- Spin-state Transitions and Magnetic Instabilities.- Effects of Orbital Degrees of Freedom, Different Shapes of Polarons.- Systems with Imperfect Nesting and Phase Separation.
Spin-State Transitions;Graphene-Based Materials;Strongly Correlated Electron Systems;Magnetic Polarons;Orbital Ordering;Imperfect Nesting;Electronic Phase Separation;Two-Dimensional Electron Gas;Space-Separated Fermi-Bose Mixtures;Nanosized Ferromagnetic Droplets;Magnetic Semiconductors;Doped Manganites;Doped Bilayer Graphene;Nanoscale Electronic Phase Separation