New Itinerant Electron Models of Magnetic Materials

New Itinerant Electron Models of Magnetic Materials

Tang, Gui-De

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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1 Introduction.- 2. Electron shell structure of free atoms and valence electrons in crystals.- 3. A simple introduction to basic knowledge of magnetic materials.- 4. Difficulties related to conventional magnetic ordering models.- 5. O 2p itinerant electron model for magnetic oxides.- 6. Magnetic ordering of typical spinel ferrites.- 7. Experimental evidences of the IEO model obtained from spinel ferrite.- 8. Spinel ferrites with cant angle magnetic coupling.- 9. Magnetic ordering and electrical transport of perovskite manganites.- 10. Anti-ferromagnetic ordering in oxides with sodium chloride structure.- 11. Itinerant electron model for magnetic metals.- 12. Study on the origin of magnetic ordering energy for magnetic materials.- 13. Prospects and challenges for future work.- Appendixes.
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Magnetic Ordering Model;Magnetic Ordering Energy;Magnetic Moment;Magnetic Oxides;O 2p Holes;Spinel Ferrites;Electron Spectra;Magnetic Metals;Weiss Electron-pair Model;Magnetic Ordering Energy