Class and the Communist Party of China, 1978-2021

Class and the Communist Party of China, 1978-2021

Reform and Market Socialism

Rocca, Jean-Louis; Blecher, Marc; Goodman, David S G; Guo, Yingjie; Tang, Beibei

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Introduction: Class, Stratification, Market Socialism, David S G Goodman 1. Class in Themselves and Classes for Themselves: Social Consciousness Divorced from Social Existence 2. Class and Social Mobility: Stratification and Social Change since 1978 3. The Performance of Class: Lifestyles and Behaviour 4. The Peasant Class under the Impact of Industrialisation, Urbanisation, and Household Registration 5. Economic Growth and Working Class Decline: Structural reform and social change after 1978 6. The Middle Class in Reforming China: The dream of a classless society 7. The Dominant Class after 1978: Elite Persistence and the Ironies of Social Change
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