Class and the Communist Party of China, 1921-1978

Class and the Communist Party of China, 1921-1978

Revolution and Social Change

Goodman, David S G; Blecher, Marc; Saich, Tony; Rocca, Jean-Louis; Guo, Yingjie

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1. The CCP's Shifting Class Discourse: The Objectivity, Subjectivity and Utility of Class 2. Learning to Live with Social Change: The Communist Party of China, Class and Mobilisation 3. Between Revolution and Reform: Class, Class Struggle, and Land Redistribution 4. The Communist Party of China, Working Class and Social Change, 1920-1949 5. Class as a Political Tool in Rural China: The Middle Peasant in the War of Resistance to Japan, 1937-1945 6. Radical Politics and the apotheosis of the working class, 1949-1978 7. Emergence without settling: the trajectory of the Chinese middle class from 1949 to the 1980s 8. The Dominant Class in a Changing Polity: Transformation and Institutionalisation
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