Advances in Remanufacturing

Advances in Remanufacturing

Proceedings of the VII International Workshop on Autonomous Remanufacturing

Pham, Duc Truong; Fera, Marcello; Caterino, Mario; Macchiaroli, Roberto

Springer International Publishing AG





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Development of Sustainable Remanufacturing Systems: Literature Review.- Artificial Intelligence in remanufacturing contexts: current status and future opportunities.- Robotic Disassembly Sequence Planning and Line Balancing - Research Trends Review and Bibliometric Analysis.- The Role of Simulation-Based Optimization in Remanufacturing and Reverse Logistics: A Systematic Literature Review.- Exploring Industry 5.0 for Remanufacturing of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles.- Remanufacturing Decision-Making Tools: A State of the Art.
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Human Robot Cooperation for Remanufacturing;Machine Learning for Remanufacturing;Virtual, Augmented and Cross reality;Life Cycle Cost for Remanufacturing;Autonomous Remanufacturing;Operations Management in Remanufacturing;Design for Remanufacturing;Design for disassembly;Quality Assessment for Remanufacturing;Industry 4.0 Technologies in Remanufacturing;Supply Chain Management for Remanufacturing;Reverse Logistics;Life Cycle Assessment for Remanufacturing;Cloud Remanufacturing