6th EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems

6th EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems

Knapcikova, Lucia; Perakovic, Dragan

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Part I. Industry 4.0.- Chapter 1. Monitoring of an industrial process based on Industry 4.0.- Chapter 2. Challenges and Benefits for Detecting Soon-to-Fail Drives in Industry 4.0.- Chapter 3. End-users and Industry 4.0 systems cyber resilience from XSS attacks.- Chapter 4. Education and Its Role in Risk Management in the Context of Industry 4.0.- Chapter 5. Using Quality Management Tools to Analyze the Error Rate in the Production Process.- Part II. Sustainable Communications & Information and communications technology.- Chapter 6. A Taxonomy of Cyber Attacks in Smart Manufacturing Systems.- Chapter 7. Analyzing performance of Wireless Network Based on the Industrial HART Protocol.- Chapter 8. Modeling the Business Purchase Process Using InnIoTShop Solution in a Store Environment.- Part III. Smart Techniques/Smart Technology.- Chapter 9. Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) as a Significant Material used by Additive Manufacturing.- Chapter 10. Optimization of the Production Process and Defect Iden-tification in the Production of Face Shields Using Fused Deposition Modeling Technology.- Chapter 11. The utilization of progressive methods in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft components.- Part IV. Education and Awareness of Sustainability.- Chapter 12. The Specifics of the Silver Generation Shopping Behavior in the selected cities of Western Slovakia.- Chapter 13. Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the educational process of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Kosice - use of innovative educational technologies.- Chapter 14. Application of the Vernier measuring system as a smart element in Physics education process.- Part V. Sustainable Industrial Development.- Chapter 15. ICT Cost Impact Model in Construction Project Management.- Chapter 16. Relationship Marketing - a Modern Marketing Strategy as a Tool to Increase the Competitiveness of the Company in the Market.- Chapter 17. Using Economical-Mathematics Method of Input-Output Analysis as a Tool for Cost Calculationof Steel Construction Production.- Chapter 18. Possible methods of valuing startups.
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