Advances in Microbial Physiology

Advances in Microbial Physiology

Kelly, David J.; Poole, Robert K.

Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc





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1. Mycobacterial Efflux systems
Sharon Kendall
2. New insights in bacterial organophosphorus cycling: from human pathogens to environmental bacteria
Ian Dennis Edmund Alan Lidbury and Andrew Hitchcock
3. Link between gut sulfidogenic bacteria and disease
Ines Cardoso Pereira
4. The Formate-H2 Axis and its Importance for Microbial Physiology
Gary Sawers
5. Physiology of diazotrophs
Daniel H. Buckley
6. Antibiotic efficacy
Chloe James, Tegan Hibbert, Zeljka Krpetic, Joe Latimer, Hollie Leighton, Rebecca McHugh, Sian Pottenger and Charlotte Wragg
7. Microbial metabolites as modulators of host physiology
David Clarke and Susan A. Joyce
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RidA; antimicrobial resistance; antibiotic efficacy; cell wall-acting antibiotics; microbial methylmenaquinones; diazotrophs