Advances in Microbial Physiology

Advances in Microbial Physiology

Poole, Robert K.; Kelly, David J.

Elsevier Science & Technology






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1. Nickel, an essential virulence determinant of Helicobacter pylori: trafficking pathways and their targeting by bismuth Sumith Kumar, Daniel Vinella and Hilde De Reuse 2. Neisseria gonorrhoeae physiology and pathogenesis Luke Green, Joby Cole, Ernesto Felix Diaz Parga and Jonathan G. Shaw 3. Defences of multidrug resistant pathogens against reactive nitrogen species produced in infected hosts Sandra M. Carvalho, Jordi Zamarreno Beas, Marco AM Videira and Ligia Saraiva 4. Metabolic potential of anaerobic methane oxidizing archaea for a broad spectrum of electron acceptors Martyna Glodowska, Cornelia Welte and Julia Kurth 5. How Streptomyces thrive: advancing our understanding of classical development and uncovering new behaviours Matthew Zambri and Michelle Williams and Marie Elliot
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ANME archaea; Antibiotic resistance; Bismuth; Colonization; Electron acceptors; Evolution; Exploration; Gonorrhoea; H. pylori; Human pathogen; Innate immunity; Iron; L-form; Manganese; Metal transport; Metallochaperone; Metallostasis; Methane; Methanoperedens; Neisseria; Nickel; Nitric oxide; Nitrosative stress; Pathogenesis; Phage; Physiology; Polar growth; Reductases; Regulation; Specialized metabolism; Sporulation; Transcriptional regulation; Volatile