Advanced Materials Research XI

Advanced Materials Research XI

Lau, Alan Kin Tak

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Chapter 1: Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering
Supramolecular Gels Based on Azobenzene Derivatives
Graphene Based Polarization-Dependent Terahertz Photodetector
Synthesis of the COFs: From Design Principle to Synthetic Reactions
Cobalt Molybdate Incorporated Thermoset Composites: Preparation and Characterization
Influence Study of the Plastic Deformation Mode on the Micro-Indentation Mechanical Properties for the Pure Molybdenum
Engineering Modified Mesoporous Silica Catalysts through Porosity and Surface Acidity Control for Selective Production of DME
Improved Coating Adhesion on Polymers with Novel Laser Machining Pre-Treatment
Chapter 2: Computational Materials Science
Comparative Studies on VS2 Bilayer and VS2/Graphene Heterostructure as the Anodes of Li Ion Battery
Interaction of Viscoelastic Tube with Inner Nonuniform Coating of Variable Thickness and Rigid Cylindrical Insert
A 3D Dynamic Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study: Diffusion of Two Types of Sphere Janus Colloidal Particles
Chapter 3: Building Materials and Structures
Fabrication and Characterization the Properties of Decorative Tile from White Cement and Waste Glass Powder
Durability and Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Recovered Filler from Hot Mix Asphalt Plants and Recycled Fine Aggregate
Support Vector Machine (SVM)-Based Optimal Design Procedure of Fly Ash Blended Concrete
R-Curve Characterization of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Mixtures Incorporating Warm Mix Additive at Low Temperatures
Progressive Collapse Resisting Capacity of RC Flat Slab Buildings with Varying Spans and Storey Heights
Effects of Recycled Aggregate Replacement Rate on Compression Mechanical Behavior of Concrete Based on Base Force Element Method
Make Full Advantage of New System - Research on the Design, Construction and Use of Low-Energy and Industrialized ICF House in Guanzhong Rural Areas of China
One-Part Geopolymer Synthesis of Greek Fly Ash
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Additive;Asphalt;Catalyst;Cavity Block;Cement;Coating;Composites;Computational Materials Science;Concrete;Geopolymer;Graphene;Laser Machining;Mechanical Properties;Molecular Dynamic Simulation;Molybdenum;Polymers;Structural Element;Synthesis