Acknowledging Indigenous Knowledge

Acknowledging Indigenous Knowledge

Voices of Tropical Forest People

Bose, Purabi

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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Foreword - Prof.dr. Bernd van der Meulen

Chapter 1

Acknowledging Indigenous Knowledge: Introduction

Chapter 2

'Nature-Based Knowledge' Aligning Science and Wisdom

Chapter 3

Extractive Industries Mining Way in Indigenous and Local Communities

Chapter 4

Food as Commodity - 'Super' Food Insecurity of Indigenous Peoples: Analysis from Asia, Africa and Latin America

Chapter 5

Pastoralists, Nomadic Movements, and Identity in Tropical Grasslands

Chapter 6

Factory Schools: Erasing Children's Indigenous Knowledge and Languages

Chapter 7

Indigenous Peoples and Wildlife Coexistence in Tropical Mountains: Socio-Cultural Impact

Chapter 8

Communicating the Art of Bridging Indigenous Knowledge with Science and Policy
Indigenous knowledge and people;Science and nature;Urbanization;Deforestation;Industrialization;Indigenous people in the tropics