22nd AUTEX World Textile Conference

22nd AUTEX World Textile Conference

Wang, Li Jing

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Chapter 1: Ecological Aspects of Textile Production
Use of Rosa Canina Extractions for Ecofriendly Textile Finishing
Ecological Approaches in Yarn Dyeing
Influence of Laccase Enzyme on the Biodegradability of Indigo Blue Dyed 100% Cotton Fabrics
A Standard Terminology for the Description of Fibrous Microplastics from Textiles
Chapter 2: Supply Chain Management and Training in the Apparel Industry
Australian Cotton and the Global Apparel Supply Chain: Sustainability Issues in Context
Developing Training from Industrial Design to Innovative Design in Vietnam
The Presence and Effectiveness of Training Centres in the Apparel Industry
Disruptions and Adaptations: Covid-19's Impact on Textile Supply Chain Management
Chapter 3: Fashion Design and Development of Textile Industry
The Development of a Base Layer for a Sensorimotor Countermeasure Skinsuit: Garment Comfort and Mobility
Money Talks, Fashion Walks: A Textile Motif Exploration in Womenswear Using 1960s Rupiah Banknote
The Aesthetic Factors Shaping Chinese Millennial Consumers' Purchase Intentions of Luxury Pyjamas: Implications for Future Design
The Intersection of Fashion and Climate: A Comparative Examination of the Australian Fashion and Textile Industry's Approach to Climate Change
Lightness and Hue Dependencies of Color Difference Thresholds in Textiles under High-Illuminance Conditions
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