Trichoderma: Agricultural Applications and Beyond

Trichoderma: Agricultural Applications and Beyond

Varma, Ajit; Singh, Harikesh Bahadur; Manoharachary, Chakravarthula

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Advances in Systematics, Taxonomy and Conservation of Trichoderma species.- Biodiversity of Trichoderma species in different agro-ecological habitats.- Beneficial Effects of Trichoderma on Plant-Pathogen Interactions: Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Genes.- Trichoderma - Boon for Agriculture.- Mass Multiplication of Trichoderma in Bioreactors.- Trichoderma species: A blessing for crop production.- Trichoderma: An effective and potential biocontrol agent for sustainable management of pulses pests and pathogens.- Management of Diseases of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Using Trichoderma spp..- Trichoderma - A Globally Dominant Commercial Bio-fungicide.- Modulation of Microbiome Through Seed Bio-priming.- Opportunistic Avirulent Plant Symbionts Trichoderma: Exploring its Potential Against Soilborne PhytopathogensBiotechnological Application of Trichoderma: A Powerful Fungal Isolate with Diverse Potentials for the Attainment of Food Safety, Management of Pest and Diseases, Healthy Planet, and Sustainable Agriculture.- Trichoderma as Biostimulant: Factors Responsible for Plant Growth Promotion.- Trichoderma Proteome: Multifunctional Role in Plant Defense.- Strategies of Biotechnological Innovations using Trichoderma.- Trichoderma spp.: Expanding Potential Beyond Agriculture.
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Trichoderma;Morphotaxonomy;Taxonomy;Plant-microbe Diversity;Plant Pathogen Interactions;Biostimulant;Biocontrol;Root-borne diseases;Microbial Resource;Nanomaterial;Rice Diseases