Trends in Biotechnology of Polyextremophiles

Trends in Biotechnology of Polyextremophiles

Dey, Satarupa; Shah, Maulin P.

Springer International Publishing AG





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Overview of the Genes Associated with Polyextremophiles.- Genetics and proteomics of polyextremophiles existing in high temperature .- Applications of genome editing in extremophiles.- Extremophiles: How Smart are the Cells to Cope with the Environment?.- Impact of Climate Change on Polar Polyextremophilic Diversity, with a Focus on Genetics and Proteomics.- Implications of polyextremophiles in astrobiology research.- The Biocatalytic Potential of Extemozymes isolated from extremophiles.- Secondary Metabolites from extremophiles.- Salting Up Our Knowledge: The Fascinating Halophiles, Their Bioactive Metabolites with Biomedical Implications.- Application of Extremophiles in therapeutics.- Extremophilic algae-based wastewater treatment, nutrient recovery and animal feed production.- Potentiality of polyextremophilic organisms in bioremediation of aromatic hydrocarbons and persistent organic pollutants- A biotechnological approach.- Role of extremophilic microbes in removal of microplastics.- Indigenous microbiota of acid mine environment and their role in the bioremediation of abandoned mining sites.- Role of extremophiles in the removal of heavy metal and E-waste.- Exploitation of Potential Extremophiles for Bioremediation of Microplastics: A Biotechnological Approach.- Lignin valorization using lignolytic microbe and enzymes: The challenges and opportunities.- Biotechnology of extremophiles advances and challenges.- Role of extremophiles in treatment of industrial waste, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.
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Extremozymes;CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing;Polyextremophiles for heavy metals removal;Extremophiles application for industrial waste treatment;Bioremediation;Polyextremophiles;Microbial adaptation to extreme environments;Polyextremophiles for microplastic removal;Polyextremophiles applications in bioremediation;Extremophilic Microorganisms for Pollutants removal;Extremophiles;microbial mechanisms of tolerance;Proteomics;Metabolomics;Climate Change;Bioactive compounds from extremophiles