Trends in Biosensing Research

Trends in Biosensing Research

Advances, Challenges and Applications

Plumere, Nicolas; Lisdat, Fred

Springer International Publishing AG





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Engineering chimeric enzymes for protein switch biosensing.- Applications of Graphene Field Effect Biosensors for Biological Sensing.- Protein detection using rationally designed DNA-based scaffolds and switching probes.- Electrochemical MIP-sensors for Biomacromolecules, Cells and Viruses.- Recent Developments and Applications of Microbial Biosensors,- Applications of gold nanoparticles in plasmonic and nanophotonic sensors.- Wearing the lab: Advances and challenges in skin-interfaced systems for continuous biochemical sensing.- Nanopore-Based Biosensing: Challenges and Opportunities.- Microarray based sensing.- Novel trends in development of aptamer based biosensors for detection bacteria.- Signal amplified-nanobiosensor for virus detection using advanced nanomaterials.- Progress on the electrochemical sensing of drugs.
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Protein biosensors;Continuous biochemical sensing;Drug sensing;Viral biosensors;CRISP/Cas biosensing;Microbial biosensors;Electrochemical MIP-based sensors;Wearable sensors;Paper-based biosensors;Plasmonic and nanophotonic sensors;Microarray-based biosensors;Nanopore-based biosensors;Aptamer-based biosensors;Biomimetics