Transfer Phenomena in Fluid and Heat Flows XIII

Transfer Phenomena in Fluid and Heat Flows XIII

Miguel, Antonio F.; Rocha, Luiz; OEchsner, Andreas

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Chapter 1: Alternative Energy
Solar Light Bulbs: Effect of the Volume and Shape of the Pet Bottles on the Luminous Flux
Numerical and Geometrical Analysis of the Onshore Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy with a Ramp
Numerical Research of a Solar Driven Bubble Pump for Diffusion Absorption Refrigeration Systems
Chapter 2: Basics of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
Heat Dissipation by Streams of Bifurcated Tubes
Evaluation of Secondary Flow between Rotating Concentric Spheres Using a Perturbation Method
Simulation of Multi-Gas Jet Flows by Use of Quasi Gas Dynamic Equation System
Application of the Complex Variable Step Method and the Boundary Element Method for Sensitivity Analysis of Steady Heat Conduction Problems
Chapter 3: Industrial Research and Applications
Thermal and Environmental Benefits of 3D Printing on Building Construction
The Marangoni Convection Effect on Melt Pool Formation during Selective Laser Melting Process
Analysis of the Cooling Concept of the Braking System of a Formula Student Racing Car Using CFD Simulation and 1D Simulation
Combustion Characteristics According to the Chemical Composition of Land Fill Gas
Analytical Study of Insulation Characteristics of Thermal Batteries with Vacuum Insulation
Mathematical Modelling of Electrophysical Water Treatment
Application of Population-Based Techniques to Identification of Diffusive and Convective Parameters in Timber Drying
Elaboration and Characterization of Cu Based Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interferences Shielding
Analysis of the Influence of Continuous-Drive Friction Welding on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the UNS C64200 Bronze-Aluminum-Silicon Alloy
Evaluation of the Environmental Fatigue at a Long Radius Elbow of a Piping System under Transient Thermo Mechanical Stresses
Additive Manufacturing on Building Construction
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Additive Manufacturing;Drying;Heat Dissipation;Heat Transfer;Mass Transfer;Numerical Simulation;Solar Energy;Water Treatment;Wave Energy