Materiality of Lake Kariba

Materiality of Lake Kariba

Water, Livelihoods, Belonging and Conservation

Matanzima, Joshua

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1: Introduction.- Chapter 2: The Historical and Political Geography of the Kariba Dam.- Chapter 3: The People of the Zambezi Valley: interactions between migrants and locals in and around the Lake Kariba.- Chapter 4: The Religious Divide: Exploring Religious Conflict and Resource Disputes at Lake Kariba.- Chapter 5: Negative human- wildlife Interactions in and around Lake Kariba.- Chapter 6: Hydro-accidents and fatalities in the Lake Kariba.- Chapter 7: Nature- based tourism at Lake Kariba amidst politico- economic crises, climate change and COVID-19.- Chapter 8: Commercial and Small-Scale Fishing at Lake Kariba.- Chapter 9: Smuggling and (I)llegal cross border trade across the Lake Kariba borderlands.- Chapter 10: Conclusion: Towards mitigating the challenges faced by humans at Lake Kariba.
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Fisheries;Tourism and development;Rural and urban livelihoods;Climate Change;Borderlands;Indigenous groups;Zimbabwe;Zambia;Human-wildlife interactions;Wildlife;Conservation;Nature-based tourism;Landscapes