Digital Twin of Humans

Digital Twin of Humans

An Interdisciplinary Concept of Digital Working Environments in Industry 4.0

Graessler, Iris; Maier, Guenter W.; Steffen, Eckhard; Roesmann, Daniel

Springer International Publishing AG





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Part I Fundamentals.- The digital twin of human.- The role of digital twins in socio-technical systems.- Part II Planning of the digital and networked work.- Enhancing the risk management for digitalization projects in the context of social technical systems.- Procedural justice and automated decision making: seven rules to design fair decision making systems.- External crowd working.- Part III Implementation of the digital twin of humans.- Intelligent assistance systems: Assistive strategies and their effects.- Work Autonomy and Adaptive Digital Assistance in Flexible Working Environments.- Individual assembly guidance.- Human factors in assembly systems of the future.- Part IV The effects of the digital twin of humans.- The digital twin of humans as a perceived threat: Negative effects on relationships with colleagues and superiors at work?.- Signed graphs in social network analysis.- How will genetic and biographic data interact to shape our lives?.- How does the digital transformation affect skills and training? A task-based approach.
Digital Twin of Humans;User Modelling in Industry 4.0;Human-Centered Use of Cyber-Physical Systems;Design of Flexible Working Environments;Working 4.0;Digital Twin of Persons