Amaranth Genome

Amaranth Genome

Delano-Frier, John P.; Adhikary, Dinesh; Deyholos, Michael K.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1. Genome and Transcriptome of Amaranth Species.- Chapter 2. Organelle Genomics: The Chloroplast Genome of Amaranth.- Chapter 3. Genetic and Phenotypic Odyssey: Voyage of the Grain Amaranths from the Americas to the Old World.- Chapter 4. Genetics of Betalain Pigments in Amaranth Species.- Chapter 5. Molecular Characterization of Seed Storage Proteins (SSPs) in Grain Amaranth.- Chapter 6. Genetic Diversity in Amaranth and its Close Relatives.- Chapter 7. Searching for an Identity: Functional Characterization of Taxonomically Restricted Genes in Grain Amaranth.- Chapter 8. How to Overcome Recalcitrance? Novel Strategies and Recent Advances in the Genetic Transformation of Grain Amaranth.- Chapter 9. Polyploidy and Hybridization for Amaranth Crop Improvement.- Chapter 10. Amaranth Transcription Factors in Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses.
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Genome;Transcriptome;Molecular Breeding;Reverse Genetic;Sequencing