Textiles of Sri Lanka

Textiles of Sri Lanka

Sustainable Innovations and Practices

Ranathunga, Gayathri Madubhani

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Sustainable development approaches for Sri Lankan Textile and Apparel industry.- "The quality that comes from oral tradition is the trend and luxury." Indigenous hand-loom textiles show potential towards sustainable development.- Heritage of Living Entity and Living Skills: Advancing Sustainability Goals 1 & 4 in Handloom Textiles.- The Potential of Utilizing Sri Lankan Banana-Agro Waste to Generate Sustainable Textiles.- Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: The Impact of the Apparel and Textile Industry on the Eradication of Poverty in Sri Lanka.- AS GOOD AS NEW: A Study on Sri Lanka Consumers' secondhand fashion consumption.- The use of ISO 14062:2002 sustainable design strategies of the designers to address SDG 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns in the export apparel industry in Sri Lanka.- Sustainability & Textile Testing.- An Investigation of Fashion for Career Development in Women's Role in the Apparel Industry in Sri Lanka.- Eco-Friendly Dyeing Techniques for Banana Fibers from Banana application in the Sri Lankan context. Promoting Sustainable Coloration Methods.
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zero waste;Handloom Textile Industry;Women's Empowerment in the textile industry;textiles of Sri Lanka;Histories and fashion of costumes