Technology Innovation Pillars for Industry 4.0

Technology Innovation Pillars for Industry 4.0

Challenges, Improvements, and Case Studies

Thillaiarasu, N.; Elngar, Ahmed A.; Balas, Valentina Emilia; Saravanan, T.

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1. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication Systems: A Healthcare Perspective. 2. An Intelligent System Utilizing Bipolar Fuzzy Logic for Ensuring Semantic Interoperability and Privacy Preservation in Healthcare Systems. 3. Graph Optimizations in Neural Networks by ONNX Model. 7.Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Accurate Plant Classification. 5. Big Data Visualizing with Augmented and Virtual Reality: Challenges and Research Agenda. 6. Mathematical Model for Service-Selection Optimization and Scheduling in Cloud Manufacturing Using Sub-Task Scheduling With Fuzzy Inference Rule. 7. Social Media Initiatives through IoT to Link the Bridge between Industrial Demands with Higher Education Millennial Students through Experience Learning. 8. Analyzing Consumer Product Feedback Dynamics with Confidence Intervals. 9. Amplifying the Effectiveness of a Learning Management System: Exploring the Impact of NEP-Compliant Curriculum Changes on Higher Education Institutions. 10. The Future of Immersive Experience: Exploring Metaverse Application Development Technologies and Tools.
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Operations Engineering;Industrial Engineering;Autonomous Robots;Blockchain;Cloud Manufacturing;Sustainable Manufacturing