Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence

From Social Bacteria to Humans

Schumann, Andrew

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1 Introduction 2 Swarm Intelligence for Morphogenetic Engineering 3 Ant Cemeteries as a Cluster or as an Aggregate Pile 4 Robust Swarm of Soldier Crabs, Mictyris guinotae, Based on Mutual Anticipation 5 Swarm intelligence in Cybersecurity 6 Emergence of Complex Phenomena in a Simple Reversible Cellular Space 7 Rough Sets over Social Networks 8 Logical Functions as an Idealization of Swarm Basic Reactions 9 On the Motion of Agents with Directional Antennae 10 Induction and Physical Theory Formation as well as Universal Computation by Machine Learning
Swarm Intelligence;Vice Versa;Swarm computing;Cellular Automata;Social bacteria computing;ACO;Social insects computing;Rough Sets;Slime mould computing;Rough Set Theory;Ad hoc and sensor wireless network;Physarum Polycephalum;Bio-molecular computing;PSO;Cognitive scientists dealing;Directional Antennae;Weighted Adjacency Matrix;Social bacteria;Dense Swarm;Swarm Individuals;Identification Number;SPH Estimate;Mutual Anticipation;Follow;PSO Algorithm;Local Transition Rules;Generalized Assignment Problem;Si Algorithm;Open Source Computer Vision Library;Cohesion Measure;VM;Asynchronous Updating;Inherent Noise