Sustainable Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings

Sustainable Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings

Meena, Chandan Swaroop; Ghosh, Aritra; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Varun Pratap

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1. Innovation in green building sector for sustainable future: Fundamentals to Advances. 2. Development of new materials for sustainable buildings. 3. Smart Building Materials for Energy and Heat Transfer Optimization. 4. Life Cycle Assessment of Sustainable Building Materials. 5. Efficiency Meets Innovation: City Gas Systems in Modern Buildings. 6. India's Future on Sustainable Infrastructure: A Systematic Review of Initiatives. 7. Net Zero Energy Buildings: Design Considerations, Challenges, and Applications. 8. Strategic and Technical Analysis of Sustainable Smart Cities Development in Oman. 9. Data Mining Techniques in Green Building for Evaluation of energy Cost, Grades and Adoption. 10. Energy Policies and Infrastructure Requirements for Efficient Green Buildings. 11. Building Performance Prediction & Optimization. 12. Energy Planning and Thermal Comfort in Buildings. 13. Renewable energy technologies application in sustainable buildings. 14. Social, Economic, and Environmental Issues Associated with Sustainable Buildings. 15. Emerging Trends in Smart Green Building Technologies. 16. Implementation of Renewable Technologies in Energy-Efficient Urban Infrastructure: Development to Promote Sustainable Socio-Economic Growth. 17. A Comprehensive Review on Pipe Layout and Life Cycle Energy Analysis of Earth-Air Heat Exchanger: Sustainable Solution for Energy Efficient Building. 18. Retrofitting of existing buildings to achieve energy efficient buildings - A case study of residential building in India.
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Energy Engineering;Building-integrated Photovoltaics;Green Buildings;Data Mining;Earth-Air Heat Exchanger;Renewable Energy