Sustainable Product Development

Sustainable Product Development

Tools, Methods and Examples

Su, Daizhong

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Part I: Review of regulations, directives and standards related to sustainable product design and manufacture.- Review of lifecycle analysis (LCA) software packages.- Review of LCIA methods and inventory databases.- Part II: Integrated approach for sustainable product design.- Eco-design methods.- ICT infrastructure for Eco-accounting.- Genetic algorithm for sustainable product design optimisation.- Ontology for product life cycle modelling.- Life cycle inventory management.- Part III: Gearbox life cycle assessment.- Farm food life cycle assessment.- Life cycle assessment of shampoo.- Comparative LCA of LED lighting product design.- Part IV: Integrated approach for Eco-lighting product development.- Integrated approach for sustainable flooring product development.
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Eco-design and manufacture;Lifecycle assessment;Sustainable production;Sustainable product design;sustainable manufacturing;sustainable development methods;sustainable design;sustainability regulations;sustainability