Sustainability in Smart Manufacturing

Sustainability in Smart Manufacturing

Trends, Scope, and Challenges

Nautiyal, Hemant; Kumar, Ashwani; Singla, Yogesh Kumar; Gugliani, Gaurav; Shah, Saumya; Namboodri, Tanuj

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1. Globalization and International Issues in Sustainable Manufacturing. 2. Sustainable Digital Manufacturing Processes in Industry 4.0. 3. Applications of 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Digital Manufacturing for Low Carbon Development. 4. Beyond Just Three-Dimensional Printing: Technological Timelines and Futuristic Demands. 5.Manufacturing Techniques for Soft Robotic Structures: A Systematic Review. 6. Sustainability in Manufacturing: Material forming and Joining Processes. 7. Sustainable Electrical Discharge Machining Process: Parametric Variations. 8. Energy Efficiency of Sustainable Manufacturing Processes. 9. Numerical Analysis of Design Factors in Manufacturing for Improved Energy Efficiency. 10. Microwave Hybrid Heating based Innovative Joining Technique. 11. Analysis of Material Failure Under the Influence of Corrosive Agents. 12. Effect of Cryorolling and Room Temperature Rolling on 6082 Al Alloy. 13. Zinc based Composites with Enhanced Mechanical and Tribological Properties by In-Situ Formed Ceramic Particles. 14. Experimental Investigation of Wire Spark Erosion Machining: Parametric Variations. 15. Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Exhaust Manifold for Automotive Applications. 16. Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Additive Manufactured KFR Composites. 17. Mechanical Characterization of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Digital Manufacturing;3D Printing;Soft Robotic Structures;Supply Chain Optimization;Rapid Prototyping;Artificial Intelligence