Stayin' Alive

Stayin' Alive

The Little Guide to The Bee Gees

Welbeck Publishing Group






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Alive and kicking: For five decades, the Brothers Gibb have given the world more earworms, across more genres of music, than any other in history * Brothers in harmony: Famed for their tight three-part harmonies and magical song-writing connection, Robin, Maurice and Barry composed hundreds of songs together * Disco Beatles: The band have been called many things, but this is possibly the best way to sum up their influence, invention and inspiration * Jive Talkin': The Bee Gees may have been revered for their 'Jive Talkin'', but it was their wit that got them into trouble more * Tragedies: When the band wrote their famous hit, 'Tragedy', it came from real-life, with the group experiencing more than their fair share of death, self-destruction and ill-health * Comeback Kings: You can't keep a good Bee Gee down. The band proved that the key to longevity in the music business is stayin' alive without stayin' the same.
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