Smart Polymers

Smart Polymers

Basics and Applications

Baran Samui, Asit

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Chapter 1: Introduction to Smart Polymers

Chapter 2: Photoresponsive Polymers

Chapter 3: Smart Paints

Chapter 4: Organic Phase Change Materials: Synthesis, Processing, and Applications

Chapter 5: Smart Hydrogel Materials

Chapter 6: Self-Healing Polymers

Chapter 7: Drug delivery and Biotechnological Applications of Polymers

Chapter 8: Technical Textiles

Chapter 9: Polymeric Materials as a Holographic Recording Medium

Chapter 10: Shape Memory Polymers

Chapter 11: Hydrophobic and Super-Hydrophobic Polymer Coatings

Chapter 12: Molecularly Imprinted and Ion Imprinted Polymers for Selective Recognition and Sensing of Organics and Ions

Chapter 13: Vibration Damping by Polymers

Chapter 14: Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membranes
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