Shock Waves in Solid State Physics

Shock Waves in Solid State Physics

Kanel', G.I.

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Introduction. One-dimensional motion of a compressible medium. Methods of generating shock waves and recording gas dynamic parameters in dynamic experiments. The main directions of research on the behavior of condensed substances under shock compression using methods of solid state mechanics. The main results of the studies of spallation in various materials. Specific features of high-speed deformation of metals with shock compression. Shock-wave compression of very hard brittle materials. Studies of polymorphic transformations and phase transitions under shock compression. The definition of macrokinetic characteristics of transformation of explosives in shock and detonation waves. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.
Armco Iron;Free Surface Velocity Profiles;shock compression;Rarefaction Wave;spallation;Elastic Precursor;shock-induced phase transformation;Hugoniot Elastic Limit;dnynamic-elastic plastic response;BCC Metal;polymorphism;hard brittle materials;Chapman Jouguet Condition;LiF Window;Failure Wave;Bulk Sound Speed;Spall Strength;Detonation Wave;Spall Fracture;BCC Structure;Steady Detonation Wave;High Strain Rate Conditions;Free Surface Velocity;Riemann Integrals;Chapman Jouguet Point;Plane Detonation Wave;Basal Planes Parallel;Explosion Products;Compression Wave;Shock Wave Front