Semi-Solid of Alloys and Composites XVI

Semi-Solid of Alloys and Composites XVI

Li, Jiehua; Rassili, Ahmed

Trans Tech Publications Ltd






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A Short History of MIT Studies on Fluid Flow in Solidification, 1952- 2009
Chapter 1: Materials Development and Characterisation
Variation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ZW61 Magnesium Alloy Solidified under Different Pressures
Short-Term Oxidation Behavior, Microstructure Evolution and Compression Behavior of Nickel-Based Superalloy GH4037 in Solid and Semi-Solid States
Heat-Resistant Al-Alloys with Quasicrystalline and L12- Precipitates
Using Micro-CT Scanning to Quantitative Characterize Porosity in High Pressure Die Castings and Semi-Solid Castings
Effect of the Mg3N2 Sub-Micron Particle on the Grain Refinement of AZ80 Alloy
Effect of Solute Ta on Grain Refinement of Al-7Si-0.3Mg Based Alloys
Role of Iron-Rich Phases and Porosity on the Ductility of Rheocast Al-Mg-Si-Alloys
Effect of Homogenization Annealing on Wear Properties of Thixo-Extrued Copper Alloy
Dependence of Microstructures and Mechanical Properties on the Growth Rate and Composition in Directionally Solidified Mg-Gd Alloys
A ?-Shaped Curve of Hot Tearing Susceptibility in Magsimal (R)-59-Based Alloys
Phase Transformation of M2 High Speed Steel during Semi-Solid Cooling and Conventional Cooling
Bending Strength and Fracture Behaviour of Metal-Ceramic Interpenetrating Phase Composites Manufactured by Using Semi-Solid Forming Technology
Chapter 2: Rheology, Modelling and Simulation
Visco-Elastic Properties of Semi-Solid Alloys
Understanding the Rheological Transitions in Semi-Solid Alloys by a Combined In Situ Imaging and Granular Micromechanics Modeling Approach
Experimental and Numerical Study of the Effect of Pouring Temperature and Fluid Convection on Spherical Grains Formation
Effects of Grain Morphology on Flow Behavior of Semi-Solid Slurries
Chapter 3: Development of Industrial Processes and Technologies
Structure Optimization of Semi-Solid Die Cast Steering Knuckle and its Experiment Verification
Effect of Runner Distance on Microstructure and Properties of Semi-Solid Squeeze Casting CuSn10P1 Alloy
Industrialization of Aluminum Alloy Uniform Solidification Controlled Rheological Die Casting
Semisolid Casting and Die Casting of Al-4.8%Mg-2%Si Alloy
Progress of Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites in China
The Effect of Solution Time on the Microstructure of A356.2 Aluminum Alloy Provided by Rheocasting and Squeeze Casting
Properties of Semisolid Parts: Comparison with Conventional and Innovative Manufacturing Technologies
Using Recycled Materials for Semi- Solid Processing of Al-Si-Mg Based Alloys
Preparation of Semi-Solid 357.0 Slurries with Different ?-Al Phase Features by Solidification from Full Liquid State and Remelting
Manufacturing of Hybrid Al-Cu-Heatsinks by Combining Powder Pressing with Thixoforming
Recent Industrial Application and Perspectives of Rheo-Diecast Process in China
Determination of the SSM Processing Window
Control of Amount of ?-Al Phase Particles in near Eutectic Al-Si Alloy by Electromagnetic Stirring
Effect of Serpentine Channel Pouring Process on the Microstructure of Semi-Solid 6061 Aluminum Alloy Slurry
Characterizing the Effect of Processing Parameters on Temperature Distribution of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Slurry Prepared by Enthalpy Control Process
About Residual Stress State of Castings: The Case of HPDC Parts and Possible Advantages through Semi-Solid Processes
Semi-Solid 6061 Aluminum Alloy Slurry Prepared by Serpentine Channel Pouring Process and its Rheo-Diecasting
Semisolid Materials Processing: A Sustainability Perspective
Recycling Al-Si Alloy by Semisolid Material Dragged during Continuous-Casting Strip Processing
Cooling Curve Analysis of A356 Alloy by Conventional Casting and the Effect of Stirring
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Alloy;Composite;Die Casting;Extruding;Grain Formation;Hot Treatment;Mechanical Properties;Microstructure;Modelling;Phase Transformation;Rheocasting;Rheology;Semi-Solid Processing;Solidification;Steel;Thixoforming