Routledge Handbook on Business and Management in the Middle East

Routledge Handbook on Business and Management in the Middle East

Sidani, Yusuf

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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1. Business and Management in MENA Countries Part 1: Institutional Contexts 2. The Impact of the Private Sector on Peace and Security in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq; 3. The Contemporary Context of the UAE Labor Market: An HRM Outlook; 4. Turkey and the Arab World: Public Image, Current Economic Relations, and Business Opportunities and Challenges; 5.Consumer Behavior Changes: The Case of Saudi Arabia Post COVID-19 Part 2: Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Behavior in the Middle East 6. Theorizing the Phenomenon of Work Engagement in Islam; 7. Egyptian Leadership Character in the Context of Change; 8. Prevalent Business Leadership Styles in the Middle East: An Integrative Review; 9. From Ibn Khaldun to Sharabi: Leadership and Organizational Culture in the Arab Countries - A New Framework; 10. Navigating the Path to Ethical Leadership in the Middle East; 11. Nepotism: Is It a Curse or a Blessing? Dynamics in Arab Culture; 12. International Business Negotiations in the Middle East Part 3: Working Women in the Middle East 13. Women's Leadership in Arab MENA Countries; 14. Women in STEM in the Middle East and North Africa; 15. Increasing Employee Retainment through Mentoring: Careers of Women in STEM in the Middle East and North Africa Part 4: People Management/ HR in the Middle East 16. Business Coaching Industry in Lebanon Market Trends and Opportunities; 17. Strategic Dimensions of Millennial Expatriate Adjustment in the GCC Region; 18. Contextual Factors and Human Resource Development: Implications for Workforce Nationalization in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries; 19. Conceptualization of Modern Slavery in a Non-Western Context Part 5: Marketing in the Middle East 20. Employer Branding in the Middle East; 21. A Transformative Marketing for the Future of the Arab World; 22. The Recursive Relationship Between Brand Orientation and Brand Performance in Egyptian SMEs: The Role of Internal Branding; 23. Attitudes toward Anti-Consumption within the Clash of Pessimism and Materialism: A Case of Knowledgeable Actors Part 6: Strategy and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East 24. Philanthropy of Family Firms after a Crisis Event: A Multiple Case Study in Lebanon; 25. A Case Study in Fostering Entrepreneurship and Funding Innovation in Lebanon; 26. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis on the Financial Performance of Manufacturing Firms: The Case of Egypt; 27. Reflecting on Immigrant Entrepreneurship through the Lens of the Lebanese Diaspora; 28. Importer-Exporter Relationship: An Arab Perspective on Success Factors and Communication Challenges; 29. The Auditing Profession in Egypt: Past, Present, and Future; 30. From Local Players to Global Competitors: Strategies for Scaling Growth in GCC Regional Enterprises Part 7: Research in the Middle East 31. Management Research in Non-Western Societies: Methodological Challenges and Propositions; Index
business;management;Middle East;aspirant women leaders;People Management and HR;Strategy & Entrepreneurship;marketing