Reverse Vaccinology

Reverse Vaccinology

Concept, Methods and Advancement

Das, Jayashankar; Soares, Siomar de Castro; Dave, Sushma; Tiwari, Sandeep

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Section 1: Concept
1. Fundamentals of Reverse Vaccinology: History and advantage over the discovery of conventional vaccine candidate
2. Vaccine Antigen Discovery: Breakthrough in genomics era
Cemal Un, Ecem Su Kockaya, Hueseyin Can
3. Development of Subunit Vaccine: A step forward towards cost effective technology of vaccine candidate discovery
Babar Jamal

Section 2: Tools and Methods
4. Fundamentals of Machine Learning Approach for Vaccine Development
Dhanalakshmi Menamadathil
5. Immunoinformatic: An interdisciplinary technique for designing and engineering vaccine antigen
Tara Chand Yadav
6. Proteomics for Epitope-vaccine Design
Thiago Castro
7. Data bases and Web Servers for Conducting Reverse Vaccinology
Rommel Ramos
8. Bacterial Dynamics and Network Analysis for Antigen Screening
Flavia Figueira Aburjaile
9. Tools and Platform for Allergenicity Prediction
Georrge John J
10. Screening of Potential Vaccine Candidate Through Machine Learning Approach
Amjad Ali
11. Reverse Vaccinology 2.0
Georrge John J
12. Structural Vaccinology Approaches to Enhance Efficacy, Stability and Delivery of Protective Antigens
Tara Chand Yadav
13. NGS Driven Antigen Screening Technology in Vaccine Development
Medha Pandya

Section 3: Disease Case Study
14. Bioinformatics Approach Design of Peptide Vaccine for Viruses
Flavia Figueira Aburjaile
15. Confirmation of Candidates Identified by RV in Animal Models or Other Immunogenicity Assays
Helioswilton Sales-Campos
16. Clinical Trials of Vaccines Incorporating Antigens Identified From an RV Approach
Marcos Silva
17. Review on the Development of the Meningococcal Vaccine, Bacterial Vaccines (Streptococcus, Staphylococcus) using Reverse Vaccinology
Silvana Marchioro
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Bioinformatics; vaccine; vaccinology; machine learning; immunoinformatic; proteomics, omics technologies; epitope-vaccine; network analysis