Reliability and Maintainability Assessment of Industrial Systems

Reliability and Maintainability Assessment of Industrial Systems

Assessment of Advanced Engineering Problems

Pham, Hoang; Ram, Mangey

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1. Dynamic Availability Analysis for the Flexible Manufacturing System based on a Two-Step Stochastic Model (Wenbin Zeng).- Chapter 2. Integrated Reliability and Risk Assessments for Nuclear Facilities (Vanderley de Vasconcelos).- Chapter 3. Computational Tools of Media Analysis for Corporate Policy Effectiveness Evaluation: Models and their Reliability (Dmitry Zaytsev).- Chapter 4. Optimal Design of Checkpoint Systems with General Structures, Tasks and Schemes (Naruse Kenichiro).- Chapter 5. Reliability and Maintainability Modeling of Complex Systems (tentative) (Lirong Cui).- Chapter 6. The New Attempt of Network Reliability in Assessment of Business Activities (Shin-Guang Chen).- Chapter 7. Software Vulnerability Discovery Modeling and Assessment (Adarsh Anand).- Chapter 8. The Importance of Technical Diagnostics for Ensuring the Reliability of Industrial Systems (Zdravko N. Milovanovic).- Chapter 9. Reliability Evaluation of Solar Seeding Machine using MarkovProcess and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (Ashok S. Bhandari).- Chapter 10. Fuzzy Reliability of Electronic Switching System based on Structure Function (Akshay Kumar).- Chapter 11. Reliability Assessment of Replaceable Shuffle Exchange Network With an Additional: Stage using interval-valued universal generating function (SB Singh).- Chapter 12. Stochastic modelling in System Reliability Theory (Surabhi Sengar).- Chapter 13. System Reliability: An Unified Approach Using Fatal Shock and Stress Models (Ricardo Puziol de Oliveira).- Chapter 14. Optimal Design of Reliability Acceptance Sampling Plan for Multi-stage Production Process (Mahesh Kumar).- Chapter 15. Reliability Requirement for Safety Assurance (Stanislav Parfenychev).
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Availability Assessment;Mathematical Modelling;Engineering and Technology;Reliability Modelling;Stochastic Process