Recent Progress in Nanobiotechnology

Recent Progress in Nanobiotechnology

Modern Techniques in Biomedical Applications

Visakh, P. M.; Bayraktar, Oguz

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1. Recent Progress in Nanobiotechnology: Modern Techniques in Biomedical Applications: State of Art and New Challenges.- Chapter 2. Nanobiotechnology for Brain Tumor Targeted Therapies.- Chapter 3. Nanobiotechnology for Cancer Diagnosis Drug Delivery Research.- Chapter 4. Biopolymers for Encapsulation of Antiviral Natural Compounds: Applications for Biomaterials and Textiles for Healthcare Products.- Chapter 5. Cell Culture Models and Nanobiotechnology for Advanced Drug Delivery Research.- Chapter 6. Biomolecules Organize Nanomaterials for Medical Applications.- Chapter 7. Polymer-based Nanotechnology to Combat the Emergence of Drug-resistance in Bacteria.- Chapter 8. Microbial Compartments and their Biomedical Applications.- Chapter 9. Bio and Medical Applications of Carrageenan based Bionanocomposites.- Chapter 10. Novel Pharmaceutical Forms Including Biopolymer Encapsulated Antiviral Natural Compounds.
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