Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Volume 2

Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Volume 2

Select Proceedings of ICMech-REC 23

Raghavendra, Gujjala; Deepak, B. B. V. L.; Gupta, Manoj

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Structural, Mechanical And Corrosion Resistance Properties In 3.5% Nacl Solution Of Electroless Deposited Ternary Ni-P-W System.- Dry ice cooling effect on friction stir welded AA6061 alloy using brass interlayer.-

An Investigation Of Compaction Pressure On Tribological And Mechanical Properties Of Powder Metallurgy-Based Non-Equiatomic High Entropy Alloy.- Development Of Coupled Double Ellipsoid Heat Source Model For Hybrid Laser Tig Welding Of Thick Steel Plate.- Influence Of Chemical Treatment On The Microstructural Properties Of Sida Acuta Natural Fiber.- Experimental Study Of Temperature Distribution And Oil Flow Rate For Plain And Herringbone Grooved Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing.- Machine Learning-Based Prediction Of Butanol-Diesel Dual Fuel Engine Performance And Emissions.- Modification Of Lateritic Soil Used As Bricks With Banana Leaves Ash.- Comprehensive Analysis of Laser Processing Parameters on SS304 Steel: Experimental and Mathematical Insights.- Friction-Stir-Surfacing (Fss) Process Of Aluminum Alloy (Aa6061) Coating Over Mild Steel (Is 2062) Substrate.
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Composites;Artificial Intelligence;Tribology;Nano materials;Robotics;Design;CAD/CAM;Optimization;Smart manufacturing;Supply Chain Management