Recent Advances in Manufacturing Modelling and Optimization

Recent Advances in Manufacturing Modelling and Optimization

Select Proceedings of RAM 2021

Kyratsis, Panagiotis; Kumar, Shailendra; Ramkumar, J.

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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?CFD Analysis And 3d Printing of Venturi For Vacuum-Assisted LDPE Grain Flow System.- Numerical investigation of the dimension factor of hairpin coil for sustainable induction heating.- Numerical Modelling of Plastic Behaviour and Temperature Distribution during FSW Process.- Finite Element Analysis of Timber Beams With Stop-Splayed Scarf Adhesive Joint.- Double arrowhead auxetic structures: A numerical investigation under compressive loading.- Simulation Study On Effect of Drill Tool Geometry On Strength And Deformation.- Numerical modelling of die sinking EDM for evaluation of material removal rate and surface roughness.- Numerical analysis of tool material in ultrasonic machining process.- Investigation of gear profile deviations in gear planning process through CAD based simulation.- Numerical investigation and Comparison of Stress concentration factor in Threaded Bolts.
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Resource planning and simulation;Planning and scheduling;CAD/CAM, Robotics and automation;CAE and Reverse Engineering;Wireless sensors and sensor networks for manufacturing;Computer Integrated Manufacturing systems;Supply Chain Management;Quality, reliability and safety, environment risk analysis;Product life cycle management;Collaborative Engineering;Predictive maintenance methods;Process monitoring, control and traceability technologies;Mechatronics design and systems;Cyber physical systems and cyber security;Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management