Recent Advances in Green Technologies and Sustainable Development

Recent Advances in Green Technologies and Sustainable Development

Somvanshi, Piyusha; Nair, Rekha; M Bundele, Mahesh

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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1 Analysing industry 4.0 key performance indicators for sustainability of smart warehouses 2 An optimal load frequency controller employing particle warm optimization algorithm for an autonomous hybrid renewable energy system 3 A thermocouple and PV-fed single inductor dual input single output hybrid DC-DC converter for standalone battery charging application 4 Capacity for innovation frugal: the look from companies incubated in park technology and in co-working spaces 5 A fuzzy MCDM approach to create a road map for Industry-4.0 6 A novel approach to population growth model via Laplace Decomposition Method 7 PSO for wind farm optimization considering design parameters in various constraints 8 Non-conventionally engineered nanoparticles as potential remedial towards eco-sustainability 9 Experimental investigation of orientations effect on 70-watt LED under natural convection 10 Analysis of a mathematical model on translocation of prey for conservation and biodiversity 11 Performance evaluation of flyash and metakaolin with and without Fibrofor fiber reinforced SCC 12 Analysis of population growth and its impact on sustainable urban agglomeration 13 Structural, electric, magnetic and multiferroic properties of 0.4Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.10Ti0.90O3 -0.6NiFe2 O4 multiferroic particulate composite 14 Sustainable computing - a new corridor with green Computing 15 Cost effective contemporary developments in trickle impregnation technology 16 Analysis of rotary over traffic signal for sustainable urban development 17 Study in India's charging infrastructure 18 Money-saving practices in the rural area of South Wollo in the case of Tewlederie district ACSI branch 19 Industrial automation in food manufacturing 20 Charging of electric vehicle using solar energy- a review 21 AC to DC conversion for wind energy on MATLAB Simulation 22 Measuring green IT maturity in businesses
Mathematical Modelling;Nano Technology;Water Conservation;Pollution Control;Sustainable Energy