Recent Advances in Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy

Recent Advances in Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy

A Nano-Based Approach

Pandey, Anjana; Srivastava, Saumya

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Cancer

Chapter 2 Cancer Incidence and Mortality: In India and Worldwide

Chapter 3 Trends in Cancer Screening: Different Diagnostic Approaches

Chapter 4 Biosensor Development: A Way to Achieve a Milestone for Cancer Detection

Chapter 5 Recent Advances in Diagnosis: Nano-Based Approach

Chapter 6 Mechanisms of Different Anticancer Drugs

Chapter 7 In Silico Approach to Cancer Therapy
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Human Epidermal Growth Receptor;NGS Data;SNF Complex;Prostate Cancer Incidence Rate;DNA Concatemers;Breast Mri;Artificial Urine Medium;Low HDI Country;MLL Target Gene;HDI Country;EMT Transcription Factor;High HDI Country;Medium HDI Country;PDAC Patient;Programmed Cell Death Evasion;HDI;SWASV;Circulate Tumor DNA;DNA Biosynthesis;Breast Cancer Incidence Rate;Bismuth Film;Cervical Cancer;Data Sets;Impedimetric Biosensors;Drug Repurposing