Progress in Botany Vol. 82

Progress in Botany Vol. 82

Canovas, Francisco M.; Risueno, Maria-Carmen; Luettge, Ulrich; Pretzsch, Hans

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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1.Tools Shape Paradigms of Plant-Environment Interactions.- 2.Gene Expression in Coffee.- 3. Cross-Talk Between Sporophyte and Gametophyte During Anther and Ovule Development In Angiosperms.- 4. The Photosynthetic System in Tropical Plants Under High Irradiance and Temperature Stress.- 5. Plant Peroxisomes and Their Metabolism of ROS, RNS, and RSS.- 6. Ammonium Assimilation and Metabolism in Rice.- 7. How can we Interpret the Large Number and Diversity of Abscisic Acid Transporters?.- 8. Orient in the World with a Single Eye: The Green Algal Eyespot and Phototaxis.- 9. Bidirectional Lateral Transport Barriers in Serving Plant Organs and Integral Plant Functioning: Localized Lignification, Suberinization, and Cutinization.- 10. The Haustorium of Phytopathogenic Fungi: A Short Overview of a Specialized Cell of Obligate Biotrophic Plant Parasites.- 11. Transmission of Phloem-Limited Viruses in the Host Plants by Their Aphid Vectors.- 12. Biotechnology for Biofuel Production.- 13. Modelling Urban Tree Growth and Ecosystem Services: Review and Perspectives.
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thioredoxin;forest trees;antibodies in plants;plant metabolomics;modeling stem shapes;sequencing plant genomes;NAC transcription factors;ethylene biosynthesis