Process Safety for Engineers

Process Safety for Engineers

An Introduction

CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)

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Chapter 1 Introduction and Regulatory Overview

Chapter 2 Risk Based Process Safety

Chapter 3 Process Safety Regulations, Codes, and Standards

Chapter 4 Fire and Explosion Hazards

Chapter 5 Reactive Chemical Hazards

Chapter 6 Toxic Hazards

Chapter 7 Chemical Hazards Data Sources

Chapter 8 Other Hazards

Chapter 9 Process Safety Incident Classification

Chapter 10 Project Design Basics

Chapter 11 Equipment Failure

Chapter 12 Hazard Identification

Chapter 13 Consequence Analysis

Chapter 14 Risk Assessment

Chapter 15 Risk Mitigation

Chapter 16 Human Factors

Chapter 17 Operational Readiness

Chapter 18 Management of Change

Chapter 19 Operating Procedures, Safe Work Practices, Conduct of Operations, and Operational Discipline

Chapter 20 Emergency Management

Chapter 21 People Management Aspects of Process Safety Management

Chapter 22 Sustaining Process Safety Performance

Chapter 23 Process Safety Culture

Appendix A - Concluding Exercises

Appendix B - Relationship Between Book Content and Typical Engineering Courses

Appendix C - Example RAGAGEP List

Appendix D - Reactive Chemicals Checklist

Appendix E - Classifying Process Safety Events Using API RP 754 3nd Edition

Appendix F - Example Process Operations Readings and Evaluations

Appendix G - List of CSB Videos
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