Principles of Integrated Airborne Avionics

Principles of Integrated Airborne Avionics

Ponomarenko, Boris Victorovich; Avtin, Igor Victorovich; Shatrakov, Yuri Grigorievich; Baburov, Vladimir Ivanovich

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Introduction.- 1. Place of aircraft on-board radio electronic equipment in composition of complexes and systems.- 2. Concepts and programs for creating on-board integrated avionics.- 3. Functional problems of the integrated avionics.- 4. Principles of integration of on-board radio electronic equipment.- 5. Functions of integrated on-board navigation equipment, landing, data exchange and atc.- 6. Joint processing of information in integrated on-board radio electronic equipment.- 7. Examples of implementation of integrated breo navigation, landing, data exchange and atc.- conclusion.- References.
Integrated Avionics;Air Traffic Control;On-board Radio-electronics;Avionics Systems;VOR Signal Processing;Distance Measuring Equipment (DME);Radio Engineering Meters;Hardware-integrated Avionics;Radio Navigation Signal;Multi-channel Radio Data;RSBN Signals