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Monkeypox: Past, Present, and Future.- Poxviruses from the Concept of One Health.- Assembly and Evolution of Poxviruses.- Characterization of Fowl Poxvirus.- Zoonotic and Zooanthroponotic Potential of Monkeypox.- Biological Characteristics and Pathogenesis of Monkeypox Virus: An Overview.- Molecular Virology of Orthopoxviruses with Special Reference to Monkeypox Virus.- Type I Interferon: Monkeypox/Mpox viruses Achilles Heel?.- Biology of Variola Virus.- Molluscum Contagiosum Virus: Biology and Immune Response.- Orf, a Human Parapoxvirus Infection.- Poxviridae Pneumonia.- Poxviruses in Children.- Human Monkeypox Virus and Host Immunity: New Challenges in Diagnostics and Treatment Strategies.- Role of the Laboratories in the Diagnosis of Poxvirus Infections.- Monkeypox Diagnosis in Clinical Settings: A Comprehensive Review of Best Laboratory Practices.- Poxvirus Vaccines: Past, Present, and Future.- Current status of Vaccine Development for Monkeypox Virus.- Treatment and Vaccination for Smallpox and Monkeypox.- A Multi-Pronged Approach to Addressing Global Poxviruses Vaccine Inequity: A Case of Monkeypox.- The Overview of Potential Antiviral Bioactive Compounds in Poxviruses.- Natural Immunomodulatory Agents as A Complementary Therapy for Poxviruses.- Monkeypox Outbreak 2022, from a Rare Disease to Global Health Emergence: Implications for Travellers.- Application of Oncolytic Poxviruses: An Emerging Paradigm in Cancer Therapy.- Overcoming Stigma: The Human Side of Monkeypox Virus.- Poxviruses as Agents of Biological Warfare: The Importance of Ensuring Ethical Standards for Research with Viruses.
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