Polymer Science and Engineering II

Polymer Science and Engineering II

Kida, Katsuyuki

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Chapter 1: Polymers, Composites and Functional Ceramics
Effect of Cement Grouts Containing Irradiated Polyethylene Terephthalate on Properties of Semi-Flexible Mixtures
Lossy Titanite-Based Ceramics with Nominal Compositions CaTi1-xMySiO 5 (0 ? X, Y ? 1, M = Mn, Sn, Zr, Nb) Applicable to Millimeter Electromagnetic Wave Absorber
Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Natural Vegetable Fibers Used in Composite Materials for Structural Strengthening
Investigation of the Recyclability and Compostability of Biopolymers Contaminated by Petroleum-Based Polymers
Research on Squeeze Casting Composite Mold Materials by Plasma Spraying
Synthesis and Triple Conductive Properties of Ba and Fe Co-Doped Sr2TiO4 Based Layered Perovskite: (BaxSr2-x) (Ti0.9Fe0.1)O4-? (X= 0.05, 0.10)
Failure Mechanism and Energy Absorption of Foam Filled Hybrid Aluminum-Glass/Epoxy Tubes under Three-Point Bending
Optical Properties of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Elastomer Film
Simulation of Multilayer Nanosystems Interface Formation Process for Spintronics
Chloride Ingress Control and Promotion of Internal Curing in Concrete Using Superabsorbent Polymer
Evaluation of Internal Crack Growth of PPS Thrust Bearings under Rolling Contact Fatigue in Water
Chapter 2: Superalloys
Modeling the Tensile Strengths of Nickel-Based Superalloys at a Wide Range of Isothermal Exposures by Artificial Neural Networks
Effects of Fe Addition on the Phase Transformation Internal Friction in Ni-Al-Based Alloys
Chapter 3: Chemical and Biochemical Technologies, Environmental Engineering
Chemical Activation of Garcinia mangostana Mangosteen Shell with Acid-Base for Hexavalent Chromium Adsorption
Weakly Non-Covalent Docking of Amino-Acid Schiff Base Zn(II) Complex to Lysozyme
Research Status and Prospect of Heavy Oil Recovery Technology
Determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Concentration in Coastal Seawater of Teluk Batik Beach, Perak, Malaysia
Places and Causes of Mismanaged Plastic Materials in the Life Cycle of Flexible Plastic Packaging Based on Mechanical Recycling Context
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Ceramics;Chromium Ion Adsorption;Composites;Lysozyme;Plasma Spraying;Polymers;Spintronics;Superalloy