Plant Proteomics

Plant Proteomics

Implications in Growth, Quality Improvement, and Stress Resilience

Roychoudhury, Aryadeep

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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Chapter 1: Plant proteome analyses in response to seed development. Chapter 2: Advances in plant proteomics toward improvement of crop productivity and stress resistance. Chapter 3: Proteomics research in understanding photosynthesis-related proteins in plants. Chapter 4: Proteomic analyses to understand differentially expressed proteins during floral development. Chapter 5: Proteomic responses to salinity and drought stress in plants. Chapter 6: Proteomics studies to understand heavy metal stress response in plants. Chapter 7: Proteomic Responses of Plants to Nutritional Stress. Chapter 8: Effect of ionizing radiation on physiological activities of crop plants exposed to various abiotic stresses and their proteome analysis. Chapter 9: Phosphoproteomic study of plants under different abiotic stress. Chapter 10: Advancement in proteomics research in response to biotic stress in plants. Chapter 11: Proteomic-driven approaches for unravelling plant-microbe interactions. Chapter 12: Deciphering Plant-microbe Crosstalk Through Protemics Tools. Chapter 13: Dissecting Plant Virus Interactions Through Proteomics. Chapter 14: Plant proteomics research for enhancing resistance against insect pests. Chapter 15: Proteomics Approaches in Medicinal Plant Research and Pharmacological Studies. Chapter 16: Proteomics-based strategies to develop food crops. Chapter 17: with enhanced nutritional quality. Chapter 18: Understanding post translational protein modification through proteomics tools.
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omics + plants/technologies;crop improvement;plant proteins;abiotic/biotic stress responses + plants;stress-resilient crops