One-Carbon Feedstocks for Sustainable Bioproduction

One-Carbon Feedstocks for Sustainable Bioproduction

Claassens, Nico J.; Zeng, An-Ping

Springer International Publishing AG






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Obituary: In memory of Dr. Arren Bar-Even.- Introduction: The future belongs to the one-carbons.- Exploiting aerobic carboxydotrophic bacteria for industrial biotechnology.- Process engineering aspects of C1-conversion.- Systems biology on acetogenic bacteria for utilizing C1 feedstocks.- Systems metabolic engineering of methanotrophic bacteria for biological conversion of methane to value-added compounds.- Engineering synthetic methylotrophs by harnessing the power of metabolic engineering-guided adaptive laboratory evolution.- Bioconversion of methanol by synthetic methylotrophy.- Aerobic growth on methanol using the RuMP cycle.- Empower C1 - Combination of electrochemistry and biology to convert C1 compounds.- Extracellular electron powered microbial CO2 upgrading.- Understanding and engineering glycine cleavage system and its reversion for C1 biosynthesis.- Engineering the reductive glycine pathway - A promising synthetic metabolism approach for C1-assimilation.- Biosynthesisbased on one-carbon mixotrophy.- Conversion of carbon monoxide to chemicals by mixed culture approaches.
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One-Carbon Compounds;C1 feedstocks;C1 gases;Alternative microbial feedstocks;Circular Carbon Economy;C1-Mixotrophy;Bioconversion;Methanol;methane;formate;Acetogenic Production;Aerobic Carboxydotrophic Bacteria;Methanotrophic Bacteria;Synthetic Metylotrophs;Metabolic Engineering;Systems Biology;Synthetic Biology