Oil Palm Biomass for Composite Panels

Oil Palm Biomass for Composite Panels

Fundamentals, Processing, and Applications

Sapuan, S. M.; S O A, Saifulazry; S H, Lee; Paridah, M.T.

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Part I: Background to oil palm biomass and wood-based panel products
1. Introduction to oil palm biomass
2. Basic properties of oil palm biomass
3. Biological durability and deterioration of oil palm biomass
4. Wood-based panel industries
5. Adhesives used in wood-based panels

Part II: Processing and treatment based on biomass type
6. Processing of oil palm trunk and lumber
7. Processing of oil palm veneer
8. Processing of oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFBs)
9. Processing of oil palm fronds
10. Processing and treatment of other biomass types

Part III: Composite panel products and applications
11. Classification and application of composite panel products from oil palm biomass
12. Laminated veneer lumber
13. Plywood from oil palm biomass
14. Oriented strand board from oil palm biomass
15. Particleboard from oil palm biomass
16. Fiberboard from oil palm biomass
17. Blockboard from oil palm biomass
18. Other types of panels from oil palm biomass

Part IV: Current policy, environmental aspects, and economic prospects for oil palm biomass and composite panels
19.Policy and environmental aspects of oil palm biomass
20. Economic analysis and market of composite panels
21. Ownership structure for oil palm plantations in Malaysia
22. Optimization model of oil palm biomass supply
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oil palm; palm oil; biomass; composite; panel; wood; product; application; processing; treatment; adhesive; durability; classification; trunk; lumber; veneer; bunch; frond; laminated; plywood; strandboard; particleboard; fiberboard; blockboard; polymer